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The first time I ever played OOT, I got a copy from a pawn shop. It had a save file directly after you pull the Master Sword for the first time, so Sheik is standing at the pedestal and you can’t go back in time ’til you beat the Forest Temple. I walked out of the Temple of Time, mislead into thinking its peaceful atmosphere would be the same for the overworld. WRONG. FOOLISHLY FUCKING WRONG. I walked into Hyrule Market and had my first encounter with the ReDead, but since I was new to Zelda, I thought you could interact with those “wooden stick people.” Then I heard the hellish moaning and got gangraped by one as I approached it. I killed it, and did not know ALL THE GODDAMN REST would converge on its body. Needless to say, game over, scarred for life, and to this day, I have to turn the volume off while I play OOT when I encounter a ReDead. They scared me so much, I would avoid the Market with warp songs and almost refused to go into the Shadow Temple, Well, or any place with those fuckers.

Thanks, Nintendo.


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