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Krupam the Myrtanian
Krupam the Myrtanian

Theoretically it’s not a train ground, the server is designed for pure PvP, like arenas and battlegrounds. You get unlimited gold for buyin’ gear and learnin’ skills. You can buy Rare PvP gear, weaker gems and all glyphs for gold, but Epic gear and stronger gems are sold for Honor and Conquest Points you get from battlegrounds and arenas.
However, I bet all the instances are closed, don’t know how things are about quests…
I’ll probably try more characters there, I made my Ele/Resto Shaman Merriana, Draenei this time, goin’ Alliance here. I think I’ll also make Dwarf Ench Shaman, Orc Mage and Gnome Priest, also for train.

I’ve also finally gotten Unleashed Lightning. Casted it once.

Holy shit… I’m gonna fuckin’ love it…


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