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Aw, Caro…

I am so sorry. I really have been busy (well, I guess I wasn’t as busy while playing SSbutIpromisethoseweretheonlytimesIwasntpreoccupiedwithsomethingtimeintensivepleasebelieeeveme), but that’s no excuse for me to go missing like that. I’ll have to make it up to you somehow. I’ll leave whatever that is up to you. Let me know how, and I’ll try my best to follow through in a more prompt manner.
As for my personal lexicon, I’ve never thought that my vocabulary was particularly dense. I just use whatever words I have at my disposal to express a point of discussion. But I will make a point to keep gabbing like I normally have : )

Now to respond to your (and everyone’s) wall posts…
No, I did not just try to send you a voice mail failing upon both attempts…


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