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But knowing me and knowing how I develop, I think that I’d get to a point where I wouldn’t put so much stock into being in a relationship with a hypothetical woman (and not for rationalizing purposes to make me feel better about myself. Haha.) At the moment, I feel bad about the prospect of being single going into middle-age. Even with that prospect in mind though, I’d only be in a serious relationship if the woman was just about perfect for me and she felt similarly to me as well. If that woman doesn’t exist or isn’t apparent to me a couple of decades in the future, then I hope I would be in a different state of mind so that:

1. I wouldn’t feel as bad about being single, and
2. that I’d have my friends and family around me who care about me that would help me to feel loved.

It’s not the same affection as being in a romantic relationship, but I don’t want to be reliant on any romantic relationship until I know the woman who’s going to be the other half of that relationship.
I’m not sure if I articulated that well. But I guess I think there will come a point where the only reason I’d feel bad about not being in a committed relationship was because I loved someone who didn’t want to be in a committed relationship with me.


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