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I feel like I talk about the series a lot considering you’re not a huge fan (I’m not really either, but I like to play the games.) But yep, I got FFIV for the Advance, just because I wanted to catch up on all of the classic SNES games I never played (I believe I’ve gone on about not having a Super Nintendo before.) Outside of the Tactics games, I think IV was the first of the main line of Final Fantasy games I’ve played, and it’s still my favorite story-wise. Good feels…good feels.


I’m glad you put “craziness” in quotes, because you’re not crazy. And if you are, it’s the “not dangerous, but still hard as balls to predict which makes things fun” crazy :D

So yes, any person who’s worth their salt in the field wouldn’t try to “fix” what’s not broken. I think it was Bulletproof Brian who said that originally, but I just wanted to say that you should stay as such, and only try to change what keeps you from being happy. I think you know that, but I wanted to say it anyway :P


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