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That seems like some heavy news to break. Your words and sentence structure sound healthy so you should be good in that regard (trust me, my father is a doctor so I’m sure I inherited some medical expertise).

How perfect! I’m exactly 5’11" to 6’2". I don’t know if they’d hire me though, because eventually they would end up firing all the other princes since everyone would be flocking to me. Plus fitting my bulging muscles that I really have into those little suits would be a problem. Good thing I stay in shape by re-enacting Assassin’s Creed all the time.

I guess when you’re little you expect some characters to be smaller than you and nice and cute and not like 5 times your size. Though the fact that you were kissed by Chip n’ Dale just opens up more questions. We’ve all seen how well MLP characters fare are when put to costume, so maybe we should start investing in virtual reality to solve everything.


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