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Ahh…well, you’re still going to audition. I haven’t auditioned for anything even though I wanted to sing again since I started grad school, so I still think highly of you making the (free) trip and giving it a go.

I’ve been terrible with quotes from anything, but I think with your love of animation and music, quoting Disney is to be expected. Reciting them in the original voice actresses voice would be really cool to do too. I’ve always liked radio, because it requires a bit of voice acting (as my voice is normally a bit monotone) and I have to vary intonation and stuff for the air.

And if the auditions are based on looking like the character, perhaps it’s good to know that I said Ariel and Belle because I thought you could pass as them (Ariel for the eyes, and Belle for the hair color…kinda, and Snow White didn’t seem to fit for some reason to me despite the hair.) But if you could be Rapunzel, that would be really cool for me. I love me some Tangled. I could stand to watch it now, actually. :D


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