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Breast reductions? I couldn’t relate, though it’s good to know you feel confident about your form. Us men usually aspire to be badass necromancer warriors rather than princesses, a desire which I have more or less fulfilled. And hey, if you’re told you’re not princess material just grow a pair. Of wings. Like Twilight.

Yeah, this is pretty much me:

I’m more of a king than a prince, though. I don’t bear too much resemblance to any of the disney guys, although I have been told by my friends that I am like a real life anime character (not really sure why, probably because of my shenanigans more so than my appearance though [however my hair looks linda Vegeta-ish right now]). I’m no wimpy pretty boy, I’m a hash slinging slasher! I was mistaken for an undercover security guard at the mall once (I didn’t even know they had undercover guards until they unwittingly revealed that fact when they asked me if I was one).


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