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I think my parents are conflicted on me. My dad “wonders” about me, because I don’t state my “exploits” like my brother does. My mother would prefer if I didn’t have any “exploits” and wants me to explore the world before I settle down. In theory, I’m more aligned with my mom, but…5 years seems like a while. At least I can make that cross-country, solo motorcycle ride without feeling guilty (actually, another friend wants me to have company in case something goes awry, but psh.)

Again, that’s in theory. Depending on how I change or stay the same, I could be OK with being single for another decade or so, or I might be getting pretty bitter come 30. But, as you say, I can have my cat. :D I might have two. I can’t really be a good “Crazy cat lady” without the “lady” thing, ya know?


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