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Damn right, I come from a school of badass motherfuckers.

That’s me at the end. Keep in mind they thought I was an undercover agent, not an overcover one (or whatever the proper term is). So I fit the description for someone who doesn’t overtly look like a guard (I guess I looked more respectable than the regular creatures that hang out at the ABQ mall). I did have a wooden sword though, and one of the girls I was with got busted for shoplifting a few moments later, so maybe that played into it. That was a regretful night.

I’m no Kinnikuman, but my overall physique fluctuates humorously depending on what classes I have in a given semester. Right now I’m on the low end. Looking at what I’m signed up for next year, I’ll be Mr. Universe by December. One of my friends actually is a national bodybuilding champion, most girls don’t seem to dig that too much though.


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