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Totally, I can barely see the screen right now because my pecs are so big. Keep in mind most of the things I say are at least somewhat facetious, I’m by no means a bodybuilder or even Greek statue and only my one friend actually is (he’s a bit too short to be a statue though, haha). For me (and most guys probably) what is ideal is being strong and/or intimidating enough so that myself and those around me don’t get pushed around. Right now I don’t have to worry about that so I don’t bother. Probably not the best work ethic but I don’t like public gyms like my college has as much as having a few simple things to work with in privacy, which I don’t have right now. Plus it’s a trade-off, it actually gets harder to play guitar well if you work out a lot (I’m more of a guitar man than muscle man).


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