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Exactly! It’s great for working out, even though the first few times I tried that I nearly died because I was laughing as I though of the macho guys as I attempted to keep billion pound weights above my head. That’s probably the strangest vocaloid video I know, next to the one where heavy metal Miku is furiously punching miniature sheep.

Indeed, that guy is one of the most technically perfect and fast shred guitarists in the world. Doesn’t necessarily mean he’s always interesting to listen to though, when I was a young guitarist I was always blown away by virtuoso shredding but now that that has worn off I prefer emotional performance. Or both is always nice, this masked man can do something like this computer meltdown craziness yet still makes something beautiful like this. The video images in the second vid aren’t actually necessary, but just listening as you do whatever you’re doing will hopefully inspire feels.


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