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I don’t think I’ve met a person who loves Georgia football like you do. I screamed myself hoarse at games too, but it’s usually explaining what happened to someone over the Sanford crowd. I’m the guy in my group of friends who was staying behind Joe Cox when everyone wanted him gone. Like, it made me little difference that Georgia alumni play for the Saints, Bucs, or the Panthers (lol cam newton…I just don’t like the guy. My vertical jump numbers approached his.)

Please call if you’re feeling suicidal after a (hypothetical) loss this upcoming season. We can mope together, and you can cuss me out for not being angry enough or something.

…But did you see that hit he made on dude from Michigan?!

…You should totally replay SS at some point, go through the whole story and game, to fight Demise again. And have someone transcribe what you say/utter and send the transcript to me. I…sorta want to read that…like…a lot sorta :D


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