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Well, then I’m glad you’re not worried about that. I guess I wonder about my own quirks and odd activities and wonder if I should indulge them or try to address them. I can’t ever say I can go insane, but I always like to sit back and play along with my friends who do have insane moments.

@Er…your zeal for things…haha

My reaction to your reaction on Marcus Lattimore’s injury made me laugh and moan simultaneously. Good to know the media’s sympathy for a player doesn’t pressure you into feeling the same way. :P One of my good friends who tried to walk on to Georgia probably would have been the one to try to tear up his knee. I only played offensive line on scout teams, but if he could get in a chop block to take out an opposing key defensive lineman’s knee, he would have taken it.

(I’m pretty sure Steve Spurrier doesn’t even like Steve Spurrier. Same goes for Mike Bobo. I try to stay neutral, but I do not like runs between the Tackles one 3rd and long. Not even draw plays. That’s a job for 3rd and short.)


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