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But to give you a straight away answer between what’s in a dream and what’s in “reality,” there tends to be a lack of continuity in dreams that makes dreams be the more likely fantasy. For example, people die in dreams, but they can return in later dreams. The laws of physics can be different from one dream to another. People in your dreams may act “out of character” or do things that don’t make sense like read your mind.

These things don’t have a good set of theories and laws to make sense of what is happening whereas the waking world does. When person dies, they stay dead. If you act in a certain way physically, then the laws of physics will dictate what the effects of those acts are. When you interact with people, they often act in a way that you’ve come to expect from them and they have similar abilities (or lack thereof) to all other humans, including yourself. You may not be able to run as fast as others, but it is humanly possible to run. But no man flies or breathes fire on his own or anything.
That isn’t a sure fire way to say if dreams or reality is real…if either. But one is more easily explained and more consistent where the other cannot make much sense. And if something doesn’t make sense and isn’t constant, then humans (being logical beings) tend to believe that there’s something false about it.
This is the assumption that most humans make, and those who don’t often get fitted for straightjackets.


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