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Well, let me pick up with the the added thought.
First off, there are actually more than five senses. Off of the top of my head, I know a sense a balance is a unique sense outside of smell, taste, sight, hearing, and touch. Pain is also a sense. Those senses and a few others also contribute to your overall perception of the world. But that’s not too important to your point.
I’m sure you’ve heard of the exercise where you must convince another that he or she isn’t a brain in a vat having their senses stimulated in order to “create” the perception of the world. If my senses are being stimulated by probes and wires, then I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the world I believe I live in and the one being presented to me.

How can we tell a difference? Well, without being able to leave one sense of consciousness and enter another, you simply cannot. We all assume that people around us have the same consciousness as we do. But even with that hypothetical ability to transfer experiences, that could be an illusion created by the machine your brain’s hooked up to.


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