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General Yi
General Yi

OH! So that’s who those two were! I’ve always had a preference of knowing whom i’ve killed, sign of respect in a way. As for how they died…well I think you understand the reasons behind trying to gain some respect.

Being turned into chocolate isn’t the most noble way to go out is it? Oh well. As for your ship, when I said I overloaded the weapons, that meant the ship would implode due to the overcharge. You’d think you’d know that, it being your ship and all. Which also means that Admiral’s received his court martial, if you catch my drift.

Oh, and keep in mind that these are the namekian dragon balls. I’ve still got a wish left. Well, I did anyway. I used it to swipe back your items you stole from Equestria. Yoink Just like that. Now, if you want them back, you’ll have to tell me exactly what you plan on doing with them, assuming you even survive fighting Megatron.


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