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Hey, it’s his fault for not reading. He used the excuse that my avatar looked like a guy. Yep.

And trust me, I live in a pretty decent size town (300,000+) that’s actually hard to be sheltered in. Most people call it the “hood”, so that’s what I’ve come to call it.

I feel like guitar battles would be tons easier than piano battles … if you hit one wrong note on the piano, the whole thing sounds wrong, but guitar is more or less chords, and even if you strum a chord that sounds off, the other notes you’re playing with it kind of override it. I suppose if you were playing chords in a piano battle the same could be said, but since you normally play chords with one hand (left) and the melody with the other hand (right), it’s kind of hard to mask a mess-up, especially in the right hand. :x


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