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So what you’re saying is, you’re a guy? I’ll keep that in mind.

You definitely come across as a hood character. The question is, is it the right neighborhood?

“The guitar is more or less chords”

Chords? Like an old man? Like an acoustic, strumming chords? After all those crazy shredding acrobatics I showed you? I hue at you. A guitar battle is improvisational soloing over some backing track, there ain’t no chords (unless you’re having a grampa’s music battle which doesn’t sound like a battle, maybe a guitar catfight). With a guitar battle you’d be completely responsible for melody and the chords would be in the backing for the peasants to do.

I’m curious as to what chord exclusive battle you were envisioning, though. Sound gates and the like do prevent excess noise that is so prevalent on sloppy electric guitar playing, but the focus is on the lead notes so it would be just as bad as on piano. My screen is literally covered in Rainbow Dashes right now so consider this a distress signal before I lose the ability to conti


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