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I guess if you kept little rat guys with squashed faces around they’d look like that for a while. My mom is so funny, she saw the matrix for the first time last year and liked it so much that she wanted to name the puppies in the new litter Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus. And as fate would have it the litter was exactly 3 puppies, two boys and a girl. Little Neo is such a rascal. This is my own dog, Zaara (I think my mom also watches Battlestar Galactica or something sometimes, hence the name):

That’s a Christmas cookie I made that was supposed to look like her. Uncanny, I think.
Sun Conures are supposed to live for 35 years or so, but apparently mine had a problem laying an egg and that caused it. I have funny stories of that bird that make no sense. Feels badman. At least she doesn’t have to stay cooped up for another 2 decades.


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