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Still a collector?

All my hard work conversing you was for naught! What was the 1000th comment?
I do indeed have a lot of dog hair issues, especially considering how all my dogs are covered in lots of white hair and 90% of my clothes are dark colors. The only real long hair they have is on their ears, which is part of their look. They only need a bath every week or two, but when they get it they’re all skinny and funny looking and cold and insane. For show purposes we have a special grooming table and a bunch of combs and whatnot (never brush your hair with a comb intended for dogs, by the way).

We named her Paco, for some reason. We got her when she was a little pink chicken-like thing. She always slept in an upside-down eskimo hat that hung from the ceiling in my room, and every morning she’d fly down to where I was sleeping and hide near my face under the covers. Her eggs were like those mini chocolate Easter eggs that are about 1.5 centimeters long, only white and not wrapped in foil.


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