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Did it really fix itself? Or did you fix your perception of it? Hue.

So you like to lick yourself, basically. That’s… cool, man. Uh, me too. Did you really just call Advance to impersonate a woman prove your femininity? How did that go? I have a manly voice if I say so myself. I have a bunch of siamese cats that my family properly bought, then there’s this old street cat that my dad named Ms. Norris that now lives in a heated shelter my dad built for her on our porch. She kindly had a ton of kittens that we were forced to raise that are terrible with people and pee on everything. And yet my dad still feeds her every day with the rest of our mob of creatures.

I’m not sure, that’s just the avian form I guess. Living without other parrots must be hard on house birds, there’s so many natural habits that require others that aren’t there.


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