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As I expected. Was it worth it? All those year-s- of conversing and all those bunnies, just for this title?

That’s exactly who she was named after. My dad has seen every Harry Potter movie like 30 times because they always get shown on TV and he apparently doesn’t like watching much else. She actually looks like Ms. Norris so it’s a fitting name.

You litterbox trained all of your kids? Wow, I thought we were talking about cats, man. My proper ones are trained I think, but one of them is older than I am and therefore a zombie, and so we have to have quite a few areas everywhere for him to be able to go.

“I think I’ve convinced him enough that I’m female …”

Also KYM Skype chats as mentioned below sounds groovy, I’d be in. Assuming my internet connection could accommodate which is dubious.


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