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Krupam the Myrtanian
Krupam the Myrtanian

Yes, I figured this much myself that you’re an atheist. It’s not like I could possibly expect anythin’ else…

Well, I was never into this merch stuff. In Poland they sell those normal “blind” bags, I know ‘cause I once bought Pinkie with one guy the only Brony I know IRL. It’s quality was good, but I’m just not into this. And it was solid hair one, brushies are just creepy. If I ever was to buy anythin’ pony-related, it’d be some fandom-related shirt, somethin’ barely pony-related, that only Bronies would recognize.
For example with this drawn:


‘Bout the Con… Don’t even speak to me about this… My city is STILL the only voivodship capital that hasn’t had any ponymeet organized… Which sucks, ‘cause I’d love to meet some more Bronies IRL.
On the other hand, though… I’m afraid they’d all be morons that’d be butthurt at just mentionin’ R34…


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