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No problem, neither with the late response nor the grammar glitch.

In respects to the former, once I realized I had the correct answer, I didn’t really need a response. When I was in high school, I had a subscription to GAMES magazine (if you’re not familiar, it’s full of crosswords, logic puzzles, etc.) and I realized that I never looked in the answer section, because with a good puzzle you generally know when you’ve got the solution without having to check.

As for grammar, I’ve realized recently that grammar issues in casual conversation don’t tend to bother me; it’s when things are in print or on the Internet in a somewhat formal context. On KYM, for example, grammatical errors in comment sections or the forum are far less likely to catch my attention than in the text of entries. 90% of my activity on KYM in the last six months has been editing entries for grammar, but I was considering making a “Grammar Nazi General” thread.


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