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Story, story…
Simply, I made an account on a whim once I realized KYM had some funny images and informative articles. It was a cool concept for a site, so I decided to make an account. I had no intentions of communicating with strangers from the Internet. I lurked, so some names like olivia and Trick Lobo struck me as being familiar. That’s about it.

The reason I began to interact with the userbase was because of ponies and boredom. The brony fanbase seemed to be nicer and more welcoming that what the articles about Anonymous and memes like “Tits or GTFO” made me believe. So I began to comment on the MLP entry to talk to people.

After people became upset with MLP’s constant presence on the trending bar, I and a few others made our way over to the forum and the once inactive but featured Pony General (as you can tell, I only posted in Pony-related threads at first, because I still didn’t really trust anyone out of the brony community to be decent.) But in time, others made some threads that were interesting for me, and so I jumped in and learned that the userbase on the whole was pretty cool.

Also, my IRL friend and I loved the whole debacle with Kanye and Taylor Swift. He basically trolled our school’s online newspaper with Kanye West as his pseudonym long before I got active on KYM.


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