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Yea, I agree.
I love math because it’s the only thing that’s well defined in our lives. (Nearly) all the time, you know when you’re right or not. :)

I suppose I have the modern version of GAMES magazine, which would be project euler, a series of math puzzles that you solve with programming (and brute force stops working around problem 25).

Nevertheless, I sent you the article because it provides some interesting commentary in addition to the answer, such as the applicability of the hall marriage theorem, and also if and how we can generalize the method to different types of cards. Like if we vary how many cards we show, how many cards are in the deck, how many suits there are, etc. Clearly the standard deck is really elegant (as you pointed out, it’s like it was made for the trick to work), but perhaps there are some more inelegant ways for different decks? I found it interesting.

Also, yea, I understand the grammar thing, but didn’t you formerly correct people in the forums? :o
Maybe I forgot u_u
oh wells
But yea, no, good grammar on entries is really important, and I’m a stickler for good grammar in formal settings too >_>


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