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Funny, I’ve always been fascinated by those instances in which mathematics takes you off guard. A lot of the work of Cantor is very surprising and counter-intuitive, but extremely fascinating. GAMES Magazine was mainly focused on crosswords (I think Will Shortz was one if the main editors when I had a subscription), and I’m still a big crossword aficionado, especially a fan of British-style crosswords, which use a lot of tricky wordplay. I’m going to have to check out Project Euler.

I’m sure I’ve corrected people’s grammar in the forums, I’m just less likely to do so there than elsewhere. A common exception is when someone is going grammar Nazi on another user and makes mistakes themselves, or if someone is trying to show off their speechifying skills and looks like an idiot; I pretty much feel obliged to jump on those situations. Nothing will get me quite as riled up as someone abusing statistical data, however.


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