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Krupam the Myrtanian
Krupam the Myrtanian

Look, I have only twenty-one friends, but I already have troubles keepin’ up with my Dashboard. I used to friend people whom I just “noticed” around, but that’s no more. I noticed that I didn’t even know whom some of my “Friends” were, so I eventually unfollowed them. I know it’s an asshole move, but that’s kind of how I am. Now I only friend people whom I’ve interacted with, whom I know, generally who actually are my “Friends”. I don’t friend people for the sake of havin’ friends, which is also why I never follow people; I just don’t need random junk. I don’t also understand why so many people follow me, I’m really rather a controversial and hate-able person…
Generally, I have only twenty-one friends on KYM. I can name each of them and each of them I can relate to somethin’. Such state I’m okay with and I don’t want any changes to this, ‘cause I don’t need any.


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