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Even if Equestria Girls never happened, I seriously doubt Hasbro would make a movie of FiM. I think the only reason why the other Hasbro movies were successful is because they were live action, and the general masses wouldn’t take an animated pony movie that seriously. And Hasbro would never want to make another 2D animated movie because every single one that the did make ended up failing at the box office, I don’t think they’d risk that again, with or without the brony fandom. So EqG’s existance wouldn’t have harmed the chances of a FiM movie to begin with, seeing how Hasbro would never make one in the first place.

Also, try to see the brighter side of things for once! I’m getting concerned how pessimistic you can be, don’t take this as an insult, just see that EqG won’t harm FiM directly, we still have the books, trading cards, and comics, and if we have to wait a year for season 4 because of EqG, we can all learn to be patient. With that all said, here’s something to help cheer you up.


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