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You don’t know any of those guys? I was not familiar with the media admins, but I’ve seen them around, and do know the others. I guess it just shows you’re even less active than I am.

Godel is beyond badass. He changed the way we look at formal systems so profoundly, it’s hard to compare his work to anything else. I once had a conversation with an online friend who’s a mathematician, computer programmer, and pastor about the theological implications of Godel’s work, which I can’t recall happening with another mathematician.

British/cryptic crosswords could be harder or easier depending on your skills. (I’m actually proud of the fact I’ve never been able to finish a TV Guide crossword; if I could, I’ve probably watched too much TV.) They require a large vocabulary and outside-of-the-box thinking. Here’s an introduction.

Statistics, unlike most branches of mathematics, is really a form of standardized BS. Statistics very rarely prove anything of value, they’re more of a method of guessing what a large pool of data might look like by examining a small portion of that pool. Whatever you did in that thread was BS, but it wasn’t like you were trying to claim anything of significance, and your result was reasonable enough.

Specialty? I don’t know I have one. I used to work as a statistician, but it was less about the math than my ability to program databases.


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