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General Yi
General Yi

Well put Mr. Mack, well put. As for myself, I only know so much on the issue as a person who attends a Southern Baptist Church, but subscribes to nearly none of the things that make SB’s different from other denominations (no women preachers? Really?), so i’d say i’m either non-denominational or just Christian (since non-denominational is really a denomination rather than a lack of one). I feel that God needs to be looked at as both a loving father and friend that has your back in every situation and loves you no matter what, but at the same time is a God that could wipe the human race off the earth if he wanted (which he won’t though). Basically, I feel that God should be feared and loved equally, with my preference leaning towards a tiny bit more of fear than love. So I suppose i’m 51% Calvinist, and 49% Arminian, if that’s even possible.


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