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Yeah I started skipping school a lot, and I was like “lol i don’t need this”. Probably not the best decision, but oh well. If I never did that I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I know people like that too. Sometimes you NEED a job, and yet they still refuse to find one, or are so lazy they can’t even leave their house to go apply places.
I’ve been trying to do more with my life. I’ve been meeting more and more new people, which is exciting. But I don’t know, I have nothing productive going on. I don’t like, exercise or any of that nonsense (and honestly, I probably should, I have way too much chub going on, haha).
You didn’t do well on your exams? Oh well. Sometimes you don’t pass and sometimes you do. The only thing left for you to do now if try again next time and try harder, ya know?


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