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As for the copyright of Nyan Cat – I still believe they should protect it. Do you know why there are no fan-made games with Mickey Mouse? Because Disney forbids it. Disney have many copyrights and trademarks, and they protects them very violently. Problem with our world is we have to keep status quo. Apple has software patents, Microsoft has software patents, Google has them and so on. And people know it’s wrong but they still do it, because they can sue each other. Everyone is in check. Here we have exactly the same – Warner Bros have copyrights and creators of memes have copyrights. If the second didn’t have copyrights, big corporations could use them against us. We really don’t want this to happen. So copyright law is the only way we can protect the Internet against corporations and we have to use it. We were aggressive against ACTA, and we have to be aggressive against corporations. They wouldn’t be afraid to sue us, we shouldn’t be afraid to do this too. We have to show them they don’t control us.


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