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I know what you mean, I’m about to buy a really expensive gaming PC once I get my next pay check. Which probably isn’t a good idea since I should be trying to save my money or something, but oh well. I’m actually thinking about moving out of my mom’s soon. So a lot of my money after this bit expensive will be going to wards rent and gas, ah the life of me..
I don’t really see working at “staying active”. I see it as something that I HAVE to do to live in this world, haha. Eff being active, I just don’t even give a shit.

You have to go to a gym for school? Sound kind of strange, but I guess I don’t know what your major is? (Maybe you told me and I forgot, idk). Yeah a lot of muscle heads in the gym obsessed with getting swol and ladies who are obsessed with having that beach bod or something, idk. I wouldn’t like being in that environment at all :/

I’m trying to anyway. It’s kind of hard when you’re living with your mom and she doesn’t understand that there are actually people on the internet that aren’t pedophiles and rapists.
Hey man, I’m your friend you know, so put me on your list of bros, okay? I’m not easy to lose and I think I’m pretty nice sometimes. So don’t feel so alone :)


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