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We’re just a group of people with a bit more extra abilities than users who help the staff out in maintaining the site. The staff is only a team of 4 people, and most of their work on the site revolves around researching internet phenomena. Due to being such a small team with an already big agenda, things like the forums can easily get below their radar.

That’s where we come in. We of course don’t have all the abilities the staff have, but we have our share in features that makes it quite possible for us to help out. And that is basically our “job” as well, helping the staff in maintaining the site and keeping unwanted stuff away.

What we do differs on the powers we have. So can Forum Mods lock and move forum threads, whereas Entry Mods can edit any entry they want and have added features like deadpooling. We’re still volunteers however, so we’re not forced to stay active. But we like the site and want to help, and as long as we don’t go overboard or start breaking the rules, there isn’t much else to ask for.


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