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You know what, my mom does pretty much the EXACT same thing to me. It’s so frustrating sometimes, because she’ll do it about the little things too.
Btw, I probably won’t be able to buy my new computer now, at least not the one I was planning on buying (it would’ve been $700 usdollars). I am moving out of my mom’s and off to be on my own for a while. Me and her need some space away from each other anyway. Eff being an adult :c

Oh I see, you sound like someone who has their hair on straight, haha. Like, you have priorities and you know shit needs to get done, I guess? I don’t know I’m trying to compliment you and it’s not turning out at all.
I didn’t know you weren’t in the US until just now, haha, I’m sorry if I confused you. A major is like, what you pick to go to school for. Example: Maybe I’m interested a lot in computer programming, I would choose that as my major and most of the classes and schedule would be based about me learning computer programming and getting a degree in that field. Hm, I hope I explained that well enough.

Yeah that is kind of a reason why I want to move. She won’t let me do my own thing when it’s HER house, and she’s just TOOOO stressed out I guess. I don’t know, excuses excuses. I’m 20 by the way, haha.
I don’t know what you just said, but I think the proper response right now is, nice? Maybe thank you, haha.


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