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General Yi
General Yi

As i’ve experienced, humility is a good thing, but extreme cases can often develop into self-pity and loathing in order to receive attention. Time and time again, i’ve done this, and for a while it works. But it never goes well in the end, and the misery I pretend I experience actually ends up happening as a result. A self-fulfilling prophesy if you will.
But regarding birthday gifts, I feel anyone deserves them. It’s the one day a year where one is allowed to celebrate their own existence, so I say gifts can be given with no risk towards selfishness.
What I don’t enjoy is when birthdays are blown out of proportion, and a non-birthday person feels the need to have complete control over the birthday person’s special day. It really isn’t that special when the birthday person has no control over what they want to do. That’s just my two bits though.


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