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Ah, a LoL website, explains my unfamiliarity with it. Should I ever get into LoL (don’t really know why I never gave it a shot), thanks for the tip on avoiding that website.

You ask too much from Memebase to stay civile. KYM might be part of Cheez, but our userbases can differ a lot. When I still visited some of the other Cheez sites I prefered to avoid the comments.

The comment section on KYM can make you doubt at times (comment sections are commonly the shit of most websites though), they are at times flamey for specific types of memes (MLP, Advice Animals, Reddit), the standard bias topics. The JFF sub-forum has some ok users, but they’re not directly the type I’d like to have in normal discussions. The Pony General Thread has some great users though. I saw you had some posts from a while ago. Perhaps try posting in there again, most of us are adults around our ages.


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