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Krupam the Myrtanian
Krupam the Myrtanian

Honestly, I talked about reality in games with my friends from game programmin’ forum, and I agree, that reality often only destroys the gameplay. For example, stuff like hunger or need-for-sleep are a unnecessary cancer for RPG, and arguments that “it’s not realistic” are just shit here.

I didn’t mean the community, community’s fine. You can easily find five random guys and do instances with them with no real issues.
What I meant is… Well, imagine, that Bronies broke into two separate fandoms, one who hate Twilicorn and one who’re ok with it. Now imagine, that such schism happens with every season. That’s pretty much Warcraft fanbase in a nutshell.
Warcraft II elitists hate WC3 for havin’ a complex story and changin’ the view on orcs. WC3 elitists hate WoW for bein’ RPG instead of RTS. WoW elitists hate next expansions ‘cause they’re not vanilla. Rest of WoW elitists hate Cata for not havin’ Arthas and for ravagin’ Azeroth. Everyone hate MoP because pandas.
Result is, that there’s butthurt in every single not-so-recent Warcraft-related vid on YT…
So, if you thought Bronies know drama… Remember, there are worse fanbases…


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