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Faust implied a while ago that she had planned on having Twilight Sparkle as Celestia’s successor, however her implication seemed to be that that was what she had planned for the end of the series, and knowing Faust it would have been the payoff for some climactic conflict which we will never see. There’s a reason why the show isn’t about Celestia, and I think it’s because Faust saw princesshood as the end of Twilight’s journey.

I still can’t say I care for the concept of princesshood being Twilight’s destiny, even if it was part of Faust’s original plan (I think she would rather be a wizard), but if the buildup had been well done with good execution as the climax of the series, I would have probably been fine with it. Someone mentioned a fanfic called Aurora which apparently gave it the epic climax treatment it needed. The way it was handled was done in the show such a ham-fisted manner that I can’t feel anything but dislike towards it, and we still have at least an entire season’s worth of Twilight as a princess to go. I remain unconvinced that the writers will be able to make a good show out of that.



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