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More importantly, Faust’s implication of “succession” is that something was going to happen to Celestia that put her out of the picture-- if Celestia was going to die, or ascend to become part of the sun or something like that, then it would be understandable that she would pass her royalty on to her student. Magical Mystery Cure (and that one children’s book) simply makes it look like Celestia gives out princesshood just for the sake of making more alicorns, and Twilight is simply joining the alicorn club. Maybe Season 4 will give us the bigger picture, but again, I don’t think the current staff has the same vision for the show’s future that Lauren did, or they would have saved Twilight’s ascension as the climactic end of a large-scale conflict. Also, I don’t think that they would do something as bold as killing Celestia or otherwise removing her from reality.


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