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Blue Screen (of Death)
Blue Screen (of Death)

Thanks, you should have seen my wall before scripts were banned. Used to be much fancier. Anyway I just found out now that I got moved. Damn, all that writing on CrouchingSloths wall for nothing. I’ll just copy-paste what I wrote here:

I suppose we should start with discussing our general tastes and distastes. That way, we can avoid pissing each other off with music we hate.

Tastes: I’m a bass addict. Love D&B like S.P.Y, Audio, Seba, Ital Tek…I could go on. Black Sun Empire is my favorite artist. Aside from D&B I’m into some Trance (Andy Duguid, Mat Zo), House (James Zabiela) and Metal (Rammstien, Disturbed)

Distastes: Music that sounds too whiny (“my ex-girfriend is a bitch blub blub waaah!”) or try-hard (“look at me! bangin hos and firing guns! yea! Im so cool!”). Since I’m a bass addict I also hate chimpmunk voices and SCREEECHING. So post Nickelback if you like; Won’t bother me as long as it doesn’t have the above. The only music I truly hate is Crazy Frog.

So that’s my profile, what’s yours?


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