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Blue Screen (of Death)
Blue Screen (of Death)

Alright I’m back.

There wasn’t a single part of that medly where I wasn’t smiling. Especially where they went over games that I had played before, Nostalgia. And you could tell those guys enjoyed playing it just as much

That was pretty talented and their choice of selection was excellent. Say what you want about Halo, but I’m glad their theme made it in. It would have been awesome to hear them play the Doom e1m1 theme or the Starcraft Terran theme. They should make another to include even more classic titles

Now to make up for lost days, here’s my pick for day 5 and 6. I give you two of the songs I recently got to hear live:

Both by a New Zealand artist known as Trei who is now the 4th Kiwi artist I follow. Last night I got to see him live DJ’ing right here in my hometown. I had several bassgasms in a row. It wasn’t just Trei either. Music by Concord Dawn, State of Mind and my favorite: Black Sun Empire was mixed as well.

The DJ’s all did a fantastic job, I just wished the MC didn’t talk so much when Trei was trying to concentrate


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