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Well, SSBM & SSBB were both games I thoroughly enjoyed playing, and both have a fair share of hours spent into them. So in that way, of course I’m looking forward to a new installment in the series.

But, there’s one hurdle that blocks my path in that, and that’s the simple fact that I don’t own a Wii U (yet). I am planning to buy one, but I’m waiting until the more popular games come out later. Around those times they probably offer some special packages of the console+game for a cheaper price overall. Which is when I will strike.

So it’s more a case of what comes first: The new Super Smash Brothers, or a good deal on the Wii U. If it’s the latter, I will most likely preorder the game.

The new characters are great in that, but knowing Nintendo we can probably expect some more. SSBB also had an initial new roster containing characters like Wario and Snake, only to later also get Sonic for example. So I’ll hope on that, but I won’t go make predictions on what character that will be. The joke posts people make on new characters are of course often fun to see.


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