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Kung Fu Cthulhu
Kung Fu Cthulhu

in reply to Platus

I’m thinking that the property destruction and the number of casualties in Man Of Steel is lesser than The Avengers – most of the damage happened in the center of Metropolis, with some other damage occuring in Smallville and areas near the World. Meanwhile, most of Manhattan was damaged in some way or another. Even though Superman faced fewer enemies, they had superpowers that the Chitauri lacked.

I would say Superman wins on account of the potential destruction that he prevented – granted, New York could’ve been nuked or humanity would be enslaved, but the Kyrptonians wanted to destroy Earth’s atmosphere and kill off all of humanity.

Warlord Belial
Warlord Belial

in reply to Kung Fu Cthulhu

Actually, if you think about, the sheer fact that in Man of Steel, they DECIMATED THE ENTIRE CITY at the end of it, VS some buildings having superficial damage in Avengers, I think Man of steel not only has the greater Casualty list, but the higher property destruction. I mean, literally, they like pulverized the entire damn city.


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