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Let’s assume for a moment that size-wise you are that of an average human. If you curl up into a ball, you’ll be about two feet tall and a foot and a half wide. If we generalize this curled human shape to be a sphere of radius r = 1 ft, then by reworking the Schwarzschild radius solution r = 2Gm/c^2 to find required mass of the perfectly spherical Platus to become a black hole with m = (rc^2)/(2G)*

1 ft ≈ .3 meters
Platus mass required = (.3 meters)c^2 / (2G)
*=202,002,560,460,728,225,429,437,924.8 kilograms

That’s a tenth of the earth’s mass, squished in the approximate space of one Platus in order to form a black hole.


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