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Christopher Dorner
Christopher Dorner

Hello gentlemen I come a far away land known as /mlp/, your first thought is most likely that i’m a terrible person.
Granted you have a right to that opinion but i’m here to tell you that I used to visit back in 2011 when the fandom first started, without KYM I would have never of learned of the fandom and it’s magical pastel colored equines.
Since then I have moved to 4chan and greener pastures but I will never forget this place.
God Speed you magnificent bastards.


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^this guy.
I like this guy.

Despite not frequenting /mlp/ myself, I’ve never harbored any ill will towards the people who do. I think you guys are alright, and it has always seemed that the majority of KYM’s community is of a similar opinion.

Thanks for stopping by!


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