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Step One: Go back to the page for the filibuster.
Step Two: Read the part where it says “Event”

The filibuster down in Texas is noteworthy due to the social marketing elements that were used to raise awareness of it during the lead up to the event, and even though the filibuster itself and video relating to it are not “viral” in nature, they are themselves noteworthy as part of the culture and function of the internet.

As for why this particular video, it’s because someone (Xeno) took the time to find it and post it. It may not be better or worse than any other video, but that is beside the point; if someone reading this article is aware of a better video, then they don’t feel strongly enough about it to go through the trouble of posting.

Finally, it’s unfair to go after Xeno for being closed minded just for saying something logical. Regardless of how you feel about them, no major political party is stupid enough to organize a mob to visibly support their enemies in a public, uncontrolled fashion. If the Republicans had stuffed the gallery, there would have been about 30 seconds of polite applause when the Senator got shut down, perhaps a few "whoo"s and "yea"s, perhaps a short chant of “U.S.A.”, and then stone cold silence.


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