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Trick Lobo
Trick Lobo

If he did the first draft elsewhere, it still wouldn’t be a perfect article on its first try. (-__________-)

Things can always be added. Things can always still be removed. This is a website that documents internet phenomena, and thus the content we document is subject to constant change and mutation. Therefore, the theoretical “perfect” article cannot exist.

Just don’t exaggerate when someone writes a good article. There are good articles and there are bad ones. Also, I don’t like that habit of yours in which you say “Make X a mod” or “X should be a mod” in the comments of an article. It doesn’t really add any substance at all and it’s kinda like you’re saying that the current active mods are not doing an adequate enough job.

I tend to really dislike comments that either do not talk about the meme being documented or comments that provide no real feedback on how to improve the article (“+1 confirm”s and the like are not real feedback, in my opinion).


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